SCA heraldry in New Zealand

This is the temporary holding page for information about SCA heraldry in New Zealand.

Current projects

Heraldic education - Development of New Zealand deputies

Aims (these are very much up for discussion. ;-):


SCA NZ Roll of Precedence

Aim: to compile a Roll of Precedence including all the people associated with the New Zealand SCA so that New Zealand may have its own roll, and so that the New Zealand records may be incorporated into the Lochac Gentry List.

Progress: The group heralds have highlighted the entries in the Caidan Roll of Precedence that they recognise as belonging to people associated with New Zealand. There will also be a separate — smaller — list of just the entries that would go in a New Zealand Gentry list. These lists are now available for comment:

NZ records from the Caidan OP (MS Word 97, 73KB) Revised version 7 October 2003 includes group listings
Full Caidan OP with NZ entries highlighted (MS Word 97, 1 MB - this is a large file for serious enthusiasts) Revised version 11 July 2003 includes missed entries from Ildhafn and Cluain
Known and suspected issues (HTML - small: please read this to see whether the issues you've found have already been reported)

Please note that the two lists derived from the Caidan OP use a variety of unexpected characters to denote accented letters. In particular, a comma (,) represents an e-acute (é) in the names Chrétienne, Ceréis and Téres, and a question mark (?) represents a Scandinavian o-slash (ø) in the names Asbjørn and Julsø.

Comparative table of awards given in the kingdoms of Lochac and Caid

Are you wondering what to recommend someone for if previously you would have suggested a Harp Argent? Here's a table of the awards given in our new kingdom, and the Caidan awards that are similar.

Lochacan awards, with Caidan equivalents

Note that there's been quite some discussion about the relative importance of these awards. While Caidan grant-level awards might rank higher in the OP, they seem to be closer in most ways to the Lochacan AoA-level awards.

Table showing the relative precedence of current awards given by Lochac, Caid and the West

Very much a work in progress, and needing some back-filling with Lochac principality awards and other awards that are no longer on the books.

Submissions progress table

A test table tracking the progress of heraldic submissions made from New Zealand. This would ideally be integrated into a Lochacan table of submissions. This has moved from the wish-list to draft, but is not current.

A title for the NZ Pursuivant-Without-Portfolio

Caid has graciously agreed to transfer the heraldic title "Astrolabe" to Lochac for the use of the New Zealand regional heraldic coordinator. This has now been done.


Wish-list projects

The process of selecting an SCA name for New Zealand

The heralds have been encouraging discussion of possible processes for selecting an SCA name for New Zealand. Since this name might eventually become the name of a New Zealand principality or kingdom, it is important to involve the people who are involved with the SCA throughout New Zealand in the process.

Soon to come: proposed model for nominating names and polling the populace.

Update: or maybe not... this is on hold until someone gets keen about it again. There will be a background-level project to record the names that have so far been proposed, to give us a base to work from next time the matter comes up.


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