Known and suspected issues in the New Zealand entries in the Caidan Roll of Precedence

Things we need to check and/or correct before transferring records.

People with awards under more than one name

Note that the Caidan OP records the names to which awards were granted, and points from non-preferred names to preferred names using "see" references. Those records are not the problem. Some people, however, have awards recorded under more than one name, with no indication that the two names refer to the same person.

Note that if the person has a registered name, the Caidan OP will always use that as the preferred name, even if the person now uses a different name.

Preferred name Other names listed in the Caidan OP
Duncan Kerr (Crescent, LoC) Giovanni Gregoreo of Genoa (Dolphin)
Edward Longhair (Dolphin, Harp) Aedward the Discaleate [sic] (AoA)
Rosanella Soranzo (AoA) Rosa of Southron Gaard (Dolphin, LoC)
Sinech ingen Conchobair ui Briuin (Court Barony) Caitlin mac Cumhaill na Cruachan (Dolphin, Harp)
Caitlin ni Cumhaill na Cruachan (see ref only)
Therese de la Maunch (Crescent, Harp, AoA) Téres de la Maunche (Dolphin)
Meridith (of Southron Gaard) (see ref: Therese)
Thorfyrd Hakonsen (AoA) Michael of Southron Gaard (AoA) (This is the official holding name)
Thorvardr Hakonson (see ref: Michael)
Porvardhr Hakonson (see ref: Michael)


People whose common name is not listed in the Caidan OP

Some people have changed the name by which they are known since the time of last receiving an award.

Preferred name Name listed in the Caidan OP
Asbjørn Pedersen [0304 Caid] Asbjørn Pedersen Marsvin
Beatriz de Santiago [? Caid] Beatriz of Caid (holding name), Beatrice de Compostella, Beatrice Juanita of Santiago, Beatriz de Santiago Compostella
Darton, Shire of Darchester, Shire of
Elena Jakobsdatter Jedetta Elena Jakobsdottir
Iarnulfr (?patronymic) Jarnulf of Southron Gaard
Isolde of Ildhafn [0302 Caid] - please reverse the entries with Iseult of Ildhafn Iseult of Ildhafn
Reynaud de Troyes Reynaud of Melita
Rosalind of Ildhafn Rosalyn d'Alban
Sancha da Sylva (reg. in progress) Sanchia da Sylva
Ulf de Wilton Ulf of Sjaelland


A reminder to untangle the "see" references

Marienna has references to both Muireann and Marina.

Preferred name Name listed in the Caidan OP
Marienna Jensdatter Marienna Jensdatter (se ref: Marina)
Marina Jensdatter (Lux, Crescent, Dolphin, Harp, AoA)
Muireann inghean Eoghain u¡ Maoilmheana (see ref: Marina)
Maireagh ni Mulvaney ui Neill (see ref: Muireann)


Missing awards?

There are some awards which don't seem to have made it into the OP, and some which may have been assumed rather than awarded.

Person Award Information
Beatrice Caterina Fontanella Dolphin Medallion reported as having been tossed to her across a council meeting
Sinech ingen Conchobair ui Briuin Lux Caidis Given by Ivan at Canterbury Faire (Alys vouches, and wonders about other awards given at this court)
Dickon & Peregrin Acorns 010204 (Su) Ivan, Canterbury Faire 2001
Saefugel & Isabella   Think AoAs for both, and one got a Dolphin?
Isabella Joliffe AoA ?
Isabella of Darchester (Melissa of Darchester AoA) Harp?  
Marcus Niger Dolphin?  
Stephen of the Hospital Record correct It was suggested that Stephen of the Hospital had been presented a Legion of Courtesy. Stephen says that although he's honoured by the suggestion, his record is correct as it stands.


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